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Physiotherapy is a health care profession that provides treatment to individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function throughout life. It employs the most advanced equipments procured from the world’s leading manufacturers. A team of experienced physiotherapists at the Hospital judiciously chart the course of your recovery helping you regain your independence thus rebuilding your self-esteem and positive attitude.

Services Offered:

Orthopedics Rehabilitation

The treatment encompasses a wide variety of medical and surgical Orthopedic conditions such as Arthritis, Joint replacement surgeries, amputations, fractures and several pain producing muscular and bony disorders, strains and sprains. Exercise stations, considered the best in the world, help in strengthening the muscles.

Post trauma Rehabilitation

It aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life in individuals with physical impairments or disabilities inflicted by accidents, amputations, fractures etc.

Post Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation plays a vital role in rebuilding strength, agility, and range of motion in patients after any joint replacement surgery. Strength and balance is improved by exercising on various pneumatically controlled exercise stations and computerized balance trainers.

Neuro rehabilitation

Physiotherapy in neurological disorders is concerned with rehabilitation of individuals with brain or spinal cord injury.

Spine Rehabilitation

Various spine related problems like Spondylosis, which cause neck and back pain, disc problems and postural disorders, are treated using advanced manual therapy and joint mobilization techniques on highly specialized manual therapy table.

Sports Rehabilitation

It plays a vital role in multi-disciplinary management of sports injuries. We aim to treat and fully rehabilitate an athlete after his injury or surgery and regain his ability to participate in sports in shortest possible time. Most advanced exercise equipments that help improve strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, balance stability, proprioception, speed and agility are used.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation is an integral part of the clinical management and health maintenance of patients with sub acute or chronic lung conditions. It helps train respiratory muscles and develops physical and respiratory endurance in such patients.

It is indicated in respiratory conditions like:

  • Chronicbronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Cysticfibrosis
  • Bronchiectesis
  • Interstitiallungdisease
  • Thoracicsurgery Pain Management & Electrotherapy
Antenatal And Postnatal Classes

Special classes are conducted for groups of would-be-mothers. It helps them get ready for labor and child birth.Postnatal exercises help in uterine involution and also in restoring the perineal muscle tone. It also focuses on strengthening abdominal and back muscles.Our aim is to help you regain the pre-pregnancy physical fitness.

Physiotherapy In Incontinence

It aids in strengthening perineal muscles and manage incontinence with perineal exercise, current therapy and biofeedback.