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I have been very active in my life always but in 2012 I started to have a lot of pain in my left hip. After seeing many doctors, I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis of my hip. I kept on ignoring the pain and continued my life but of lately it had become impossible to walk without a stick or to bend forwards I could not even pick up things from the floor then finally I met Dr. Sharad Gupta at Manav Hospital, Ghaziabad where I was advised total hip replacement after a detailed discussion Dr. Sharad Gupta explained me all my options available with which I was thoroughly impressed I decided to undergo the surgery under his care, I was investigated and was assured that nothing will go wrong.
    I underwent the surgery on 10.6.2015, their team was very meticulous and caring, taking care of all fine details I was comfortable throughout my hospital stay and there was negligible pain which was very well managed by them. Anyone living with hip pain knows how extreme and constant the pain is: 24/7. That is now a faint memory of mine. I am sleeping comfortably again at night and am able to all my work. I've had 100 percent satisfaction from start to finish during my hip surgery. From the initial appointments to the surgery and hospital stay at Manav Hospital and then post-surgery visits.

I was extremely impressed and would highly recommend any person with hip problems see Dr. Sharad Gupta and his team at Manav Hospital. I love my improved life! It's amazing what a new hip implanted by a fantastic surgeon can do for you.


I have had many bad falls, usually landing on the left knee joint. For about 4 years I have been seeing an orthopedic surgeon who has given me cortisone injections and talked about Synvisc, but frequently told me I was headed for total knee replacement. Thank god my primary doctor knew of Dr. Sharad Gupta and referred me to him, Dr. Sharad is very knowledgeable and has true concern for the patient. His goal for me is to develop knee muscle around the joint, and put off surgery as long as we can!

I recommend Dr.Sharad to everyone with knee pain.


My life changes when I met that ghastly accident I was travelling with my brother on a 2 wheeler when my leg and knee collided with a three wheeler suddenly I heard a loud sound and there was blood all around I was brought to Dr. Sharad Gupta who conducted an emergency surgery to save my leg, I was very scared about my future and always thought that I might not be able to walk again but constant motivation and assurances from my doctor always gave me hope to move on, in the following days my wounds healed perfectly and I was advised an aggressive physiotherapy protocol at Manav Hospital’s physiotherapy department over a period of time my knee started working perfectly, now I am able to walk perfectly and I am back to my routine. My leg currently has many screws in it. Dr. Sharad is a down-to-earth personality was so comforting during my times of stress. I truly appreciate his personality.
    I am blessed to have been in the care of the entire Manav Hospital staff. I feel as though everyone involved acted like my "medical family". The surgeons provided excellent care inside and outside of the operating room. The nurses were wonderful and kept my spirits lifted. Even today, when I have my routine check-ups, the nurses still recognize me and ask how I am doing.

I consider everyone involved with my experience at Manav Hospital special, and will be forever grateful for what they have done for me.