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Arthroscopy (Keyhole Surgeries)

Keyhole surgery is a surgical method that enables the surgeon to access the inside of the body without creating big incisions. Keyhole surgery results in fewer scars, less discomfort, and a quicker recovery time than traditional open surgery. It offers several benefits over conventional surgery.

Keyhole surgery may be utilised for the diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses. This surgery is often used to diagnose and treat digestive, genitourinary, and urinary diseases. The surgery may be conducted on several bodily areas, including the lungs, veins, joints, belly and pelvis, head and neck.

Arthroscopic Keyhole Surgery
Arthroscopic Keyhole Surgeon
How is a Keyhole surgery Performed by Dr. Sharad Gupta at Manav Hospital?

In most circumstances, keyhole surgery is performed as an outpatient operation, while hospitalisation may be necessary for select instances. This implies that you must remain in the hospital for at least 24 hours. Arthoscope is introduced inside the joint. Then the anaesthesia will be administered. Next, the surgeon will create tiny incisions in the skin (usually 10mm and 5mm).

An Arthroscope is a short, slender tube with a light and camera attached, enabling the surgeon to see the region on a monitor. When a joint is examined by keyhole surgery, the procedure is known as arthroscopy. During the treatment, the surgeon inserts a thin tube into the incision and performs corrective surgery using specialised equipment.

Arthroscopic Keyhole Surgery Procedure
Arthroscopic Keyhole Diagram
Arthroscopic Keyhole Surgery Patient
Experience of 200+ Keyhole Arthroscopy Surgeries.

At Manav Hospital we specialised in Keyhole Arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder joints having conducted more than 200 super speciality surgeries with arthroscopy we have been able to provide early recovery with perfect results to all our patients and help them to get back to this sports activities and daily activities with the confidence that they had before surgery. Please contact if you have any issues regarding sports injuries for which you think you might require guidance

Highend & Cutting Edge Technology.

At Manav Hospital, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad - high and cutting edge technology in the form of ultra high definition cameras, medical grade image monitors, non heat producing LED light source and world class precise tissue shaving systems are used to give crystal clear images of the joints which help the surgeons to take care even of the finest details inside the joint which gives perfect results.

Having done more than 500 + successful sports injuries treatment with arthroscopy Manav hospital is one of the pioneers for sports injury in and around Ghaziabad. If you are having problems with your knee or shoulder and you think that you might require an opinion for your knee related to sports injuries please feel free to contact us.

State of the art equipment used in Procedures at Manav Hospital

  • State-of-the-art modular operation theatres with 6 HEPA filers ensure an ultraclean operating environment with zero infection rates and better recovery after surgery
  • Autoclavable mechanised battery-operated drill ensuring better precision
  • Oscillating saw battery operated for better resurfacement of bone enhancing precision
  • Ultramodern joint replacement instrumentation
  • High-definition arthroscope and camera for crystal clear visualisation of structures inside joints, enhancing perfect results
  • High-resolution c-arm imaging during operation
  • High-precision arthroscopic shaver system for better tissue handling
  • Pneumatic and shaft-operated drilling and saw systems for heavy-duty bone work
  • Digitally controlled pneumatic tourniquet to minimise blood loss
  • Sophisticated electrically controlled operation table for enhanced comfort of patient and team during surgical procedures


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