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Welcome the NCR's Top Hospital providing eye services.
42+ years of excellence in eye treatment.

We are the pioneers in ophthalmology services in ghaziabad. We were the first to launch phacoemulsification also called as cataract surgery in ghaziabad. We were the first to introduce Lasik surgery and bladefree lasik surgery in ghaziabad almost a decade ago. Retina and Oculoplastic surgery unit is the best in ghaziabad wherein expert and qualified doctors provide treatment of complex eye diseases.

We specialize in eye surgery at Manav Hospital in Ghaziabad. We have cutting-edge technology including robotic lasers and world's best machines alond with a team of very experienced doctors like Dr. Harish Gupta, Dr. Rajat Gupta, and Dr. Malvika Gupta, Dr Anshu Arora work together to help patients get better as quickly as possible. We have the best surgical and non-surgical treatment options at our facility. So far, we have helped hundreds of thousands people realize their dreams of crystal clear vision.

At Manav Hospital, we treat various eye problems, including but not limited to

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Iritis
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Myopia
  • Specs removal by Lasik Surgeries
  • Eye conditions due to diabetes.
  • Chemical Burns

Manav Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Ghaziabad and Delhi-NCR for treating ailments related to Eye Care / Ophthalmology, and Dr. Harish Gupta, Dr. Rajat Gupta, and Dr. Malvika Gupta are among the best Ophthalmologist in Ghaziabad and Delhi-NCR.

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Eye Care / Ophthalmology: Condition & Treatments

Specs Removal - Contoura Vision surgery / treatment in Ghaziabad
Specs Removal - Contoura Vision

• We offer Contoura vision
• 100 percent painless and bladefree technology
• Specs removal beyond lasik, beyond smile

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Best Lasik Laser Surgery Hospital in Ghaziabad
Lasik Laser

• 100 percent bladefree lasik laser technology for specs removal
• No pain, sharp vision, specs removal

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ICL Lens - Implantable collamer Lens surgery hospital in Ghaziabad
ICL Lens - Implantable collamer Lens

• Lens Implanted Inside the Eye
• No Flap, No Dry Eyes
• High Definition Vision

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Best Cataract surgery hospital in Ghaziabad

• Artificial Intelligence Based Blade-less Laser Cataract Surgery
• Facility of correting vision for distance...

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Cornea and Keratoconus surgery hospital in Ghaziabad
Cornea and Keratoconus

• Latest treatment facilities for Cornea.
• Keratoconus Treatment

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Retina treatment / surgery hospital in Ghaziabad

• World Class treatments for Retina & Uvea.
• Latest in Diabetic Retinopathy

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Best Glaucoma treatment hospital in Ghaziabad
Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a disease that happens when there is too much pressure inside the eye.

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Paediatric Ophthamology & Squint treatment hospital in Ghaziabad
Paediatric Ophthamology & Squint

Eyes of Children are different from adults, so we have a dedicated team for little ones

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Oculoplasty & Cosmetic Enhancement surgery in Ghaziabad
Oculoplasty & Cosmetic Enhancement

Look Beautiful and Younger with Specialist in Ocular Aesthetics and Enhancements

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