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Complex Fracture Surgeries

In addition to traditional plates, screws, and rods, surgeons at Manav Hospital use new ways to fix fractures which are very hard to fix. Our approach is based on working as a team to ensure you get the best care. We do this by combining cutting-edge diagnostic tools with modern treatments for soft tissue and bone repair. Imaging techniques, such as 3D CT scans and digital tomography, give the clearest image of the fracture for treatment planning. Manav Hospital uses 3D imaging to make personalized 3D-printed implants for patients with hard reconstructions.

Complex Fracture Surgery

Manav Hospital's comprehensive care for complex fractures includes

  • Superior vision using cutting-edge 3D imaging technology
  • Treatments for bone breaks that can be 3D printed
  • Methods for Reconstructing Both Soft Tissue and Bone Together
  • One option is ring fixation, which is less intrusive and poses less of a threat of infection in the long run.
  • Fractures that may best heal with greater mobility after surgery undergo dynamic fixation.
  • Antibiotic-treated implants for those who are particularly susceptible to infection.
  • Bone development is maximized with restorative techniques like the Masquelet method and biologics.
Complex Fracture Surgeons
Dr Sharad Gupta Orthopedic Surgeon
Orthopedic Surgery

As a result of the fact that more than just bones are affected, complex fractures are difficult to treat and need a drawn-out procedure that includes both surgery and rehabilitation. Since no two fractures are the same, treatment plans must be made carefully for them to work.

After debridement, removing dead tissue and cleaning good tissue, stability may be achieved in a few different techniques, including external, internal, or ring fixation, along with thorough antibiotic treatment. In contrast to other clinics, Manav Hospital extensively uses a technique like a high-definition arthroscope and camera for crystal clear visualization of structures inside joints, enhancing perfect results.

Complex Fractures Surgery

After stabilising the soft tissue and bone, our surgeon Dr. Sharad Gupta will evaluate the injury using additional studies and imaging to develop the most effective treatment plan. This treatment plan will incorporate the strategies and knowledge of the centre's surgical specialities, such as orthopaedic trauma, microvascular surgery, plastic surgery, and other surgical specialities.

State of the art equipment used in Procedures at Manav Hospital

  • State-of-the-art modular operation theatres with 6 HEPA filers ensure an ultraclean operating environment with zero infection rates and better recovery after surgery
  • Autoclavable mechanised battery-operated drill ensuring better precision
  • Oscillating saw battery operated for better resurfacement of bone enhancing precision
  • Ultramodern joint replacement instrumentation
  • High-definition arthroscope and camera for crystal clear visualisation of structures inside joints, enhancing perfect results
  • High-resolution c-arm imaging during operation
  • High-precision arthroscopic shaver system for better tissue handling
  • Pneumatic and shaft-operated drilling and saw systems for heavy-duty bone work
  • Digitally controlled pneumatic tourniquet to minimise blood loss
  • Sophisticated electrically controlled operation table for enhanced comfort of patient and team during surgical procedures


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