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Meniscus Repair

A torn meniscus is a frequent knee ailment. The meniscus is a knee cushion that preserves cartilage and inhibits the development of osteoarthritis. Each knee has two menisci, one on the outside section of the knee and the other on the inside border. The menisci stabilise your knee by distributing your weight evenly throughout the joint. A meniscal tear might prevent your knee from functioning properly.

Meniscus repair surgery, also known as Meniscus tear surgery, is a surgical treatment used to restore knee meniscus that has been ripped. Depending on the circumstances, surgical and non-surgical therapies for Meniscus tears exist.

Meniscus Repair

Types of Surgery for Meniscus Tears

Depending on the severity of the meniscus tear, which can be mild (grades 1, 2, or 3) or severe (grade 3), Dr. Sharad Gupta may do any of the following, depending on the patient's condition:

Arthroscopic repair of the meniscus

In Arthroscopic meniscus repair, the doctor makes small cuts in the knee and then puts an arthroscope in to see the tear. Then, a small device that looks like a dart is put on the tear to close it; over time, the body will absorb this.

Arthroscopic partial meniscus excision

During an Arthroscopic partial meniscus repair, the doctor will remove a piece of the torn meniscus so that the knee can normally work again.

Arthroscopic total meniscus excision

Dr. Sharad Gupta will take out the whole meniscus during this procedure.

Surgical Benefits of Meniscus Tear Surgery

Meniscus Tear Surgery aids in the diagnosis of the pain associated with a meniscus tear and is the most common form of therapy when the pain is severe and recurrent. If the menisci are compromised, the knee might become unstable, and arthritis may develop. Surgical treatment may be the best alternative to protecting the knee from future damage and complications.

The primary benefits of meniscus tear surgery are pain alleviation and enhanced mobility. A meniscus tear repair using arthroscopic meniscus repair surgery is a safe operation that enables patients to keep an active, pleasant lifestyle.

Meniscus Repair Surgeon

Who Needs Surgery for Meniscus Tear?

Surgical repair may not be necessary if the tear is tiny and located on the outside margin of the meniscus. If symptoms such as extreme pain, oedema, inability to move the knee, cracking sound or feeling do not continue, and the knee is stable, RICE may be good therapy.

RICE is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. The RICE treatment is beneficial for several types of sports injuries.

If symptoms continue after non-surgical therapy, less invasive Meniscus Repair surgery might be considered.

Meniscus Repair Surgery

Meniscus Tear Surgical Treatment by Dr. Sharad Gupta

The average duration of meniscus surgery, one of the most often performed surgical procedures, is one hour. The surgeon inserts an arthroscope through a tiny incision (portal) to determine the appropriate kind of repair. This offers a clear picture of the inside of the knee. The meniscus is thus trimmed or repaired using surgical equipment.

State of the art equipment used in Procedures at Manav Hospital

  • State-of-the-art modular operation theatres with 6 HEPA filers ensure an ultraclean operating environment with zero infection rates and better recovery after surgery
  • Autoclavable mechanised battery-operated drill ensuring better precision
  • Oscillating saw battery operated for better resurfacement of bone enhancing precision
  • Ultramodern joint replacement instrumentation
  • High-definition arthroscope and camera for crystal clear visualisation of structures inside joints, enhancing perfect results
  • High-resolution c-arm imaging during operation
  • High-precision arthroscopic shaver system for better tissue handling
  • Pneumatic and shaft-operated drilling and saw systems for heavy-duty bone work
  • Digitally controlled pneumatic tourniquet to minimise blood loss
  • Sophisticated electrically controlled operation table for enhanced comfort of patient and team during surgical procedures


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