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Gastroentreology hospital in Ghaziabad


Gastroenterology focuses on illnesses and disorders of the gastrointestinal system, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. The gastrointestinal tract is a tubular structure including the organs from the mouth to the genitalia and the alimentary canal. The rising prevalence of digestive and liver problems, particularly after the COVID-19 infection, has taken a toll on the health of several people. Every year, millions of individuals are afflicted with inflammatory bowel disease, acute and chronic liver disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), peptic ulcer, gastrointestinal diseases, and liver cancers.

The Department of Gastroenterology at Manav Hospital has a devoted team of surgeons, doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists backed by a critical care team and nursing personnel with expertise in common to chronic digestive and liver illnesses.


Nephrology is the study and treatment of disorders affecting our kidneys, which are bean-shaped organs. It's common knowledge that the kidneys filter blood and eliminate waste products. Diseases that are short-term or long-term can cause permanent damage to the kidneys or the whole body if they change the way the organ works or is built. When the kidneys can't control the amount of fluid, pH, or electrolytes in the body, serious diseases like hematuria, kidney stones, high blood pressure, proteinuria, acute renal failure, chronic kidney disease, and acid-base and electrolyte imbalances can happen. These symptoms need immediate medical care from specialists in renal diseases.

Nephrologists are medical doctors who specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and treating kidney disorders.
The Nephrology Department at Manav Hospital takes care of patients with both short-term and long-term kidney problems. We provide cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic services, earning us a reputation as one of the premier Nephrology hospitals in the NCR.

Nephrology hospital in Ghaziabad
General Surgery hospital in Ghaziabad

General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery is made up of many different types of surgery that are used as a last resort to treat serious diseases. Our general surgeons are experts in every part of patient care, from the first evaluation to care after the surgery. They work together to ensure that no patient is neglected at any point. Our surgeons have extensive training in various laparoscopic and trauma procedures and use a multidisciplinary approach to aiding their patients' speedy recoveries. We want to give patients access to the most advanced surgical care possible by combining new research with cutting-edge technology.

At Manav Hospital, our department of General Surgery is staffed by some of the most qualified doctors and nurses in the area. Everyone on our team is committed to doing everything they can to make surgery easier for our patients and their families. In addition to providing excellent pre-and postoperative care, this facility is widely regarded for its cutting-edge diagnostics and imaging and pioneering minimally invasive, laparoscopic, and robotic surgical procedures.

Gyneacology and Obstetrics

Throughout their lives, most women will undergo several physical and mental transitions. Manav Hospital's obstetrics and gynaecology services go above and beyond the requirements of women of any age. Our goal is to offer the best health care for women and children in all areas. In addition, our professionals are committed to teaching women and their loved ones about gynaecological health and how to prevent and treat common problems.

The Obstetrics & Gynecology department has a talented group of gynaecology, obstetrics, surgery, and nursing specialists that work together to provide patients with the best possible care for all of their reproductive health needs. It is within the expertise of our staff to serve the requirements of women of all ages, from young adults to elderly.

Gyneacology and Obstetrics hospital in Ghaziabad
Radiology hospital in Ghaziabad


Experienced Radiologists with years of expertise in their field are available at Manav Hospital to diagnose all ailments. At Manav Hospital, skilled radiologists execute various diagnostic procedures and treatments for patients that use radiography as a therapeutic modality.

Using cutting edge technology like high resolution fast scanning CT scans, high definition ultrasonography, high resolution digital x-ray bedside portable X-rays our team of radiologist and radio technicians make sure that even the finest details are picked up which help in diagnosis of various elements and diseases their by helping our doctors and physicians to make better decisions for patient care which helps in early recovery of our patients


The early detection of many urologic conditions is crucial for their prevention. At Manav Hospital, the Department of Urology is staffed by board-certified uro-surgeons who are well-versed in treating conditions affecting both sexes of the urinary tract and the reproductive system. With the help of other fields, we were able to properly diagnose and treat a wide range of urological conditions, such as infections, obstructions, and injuries, as well as calculi (stones in the urinary tract), BPH (enlarged prostate), overactive bladder, male infertility, and female urology.

Our staff has spent years making the facility a haven for individuals seeking treatment for serious urological diseases that have made them fearful of surgery. We are prepared to offer patient-centred treatment at all times, and if necessary, we may resort to minimally invasive or laser procedures.

Urology hospital in Ghaziabad
Plastic Surgery hospital in Ghaziabad

Plastic Surgery

Our department of plastic surgery specialises in post trauma reconstruction of limbs which include skin grafting free flaps and limb reconstruction which help patients of massive trauma to regain the functionality and usage of their limbs


Every child can get an infectious disease or be born with a genetic defect at some point in their lives. The field of paediatrics concerns children's physical and mental health from infancy through puberty. This field is about giving kids the tools they need to make healthy decisions early on and keep them for the rest of their lives, so they can grow up to be happy, productive adults. For things like colds and flu, heart problems, and diabetes, children need the best pediatric care.

Manav Hospital has made a lot of progress toward giving children the best medical care possible. If you have concerns about your kid's health, you can assure that our team comprises some of the best child experts.

Pediatrics hospital in Ghaziabad
Critical Care and ICU hospital in Ghaziabad

Critical Care and ICU

Our intensive care units (ICUs) at Manav Hospital provide minute-to-minute bedside care, with critical care physicians on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide the most advanced treatment options and the highest level of care for the most critically ill patients in our state-of-the-art ICUs.

Manav Hospital prioritises patients who require intensive care. With advanced technology and equipment, our ICU facilities are equipped to manage the most serious medical conditions. Our integrated ICU team consists of a variety of critical care specialists who provide compassionate care around the clock. Because critical care medicine treats a wide range of medical conditions, our ICU team frequently collaborates with specialists. Our multidisciplinary, team-based approach ensures that you receive the exact care you require, when you need it.


Ear, nose, and throat infections and illnesses are quite frequent. Acute or serious ear, nose, and throat (ENT) problems affect almost everyone at some point in their lives. Head and neck disorders are the focus of ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) medicine and surgery. In the past, people needed to get used to going to a professional for help. Today, even small problems can be solved by going to a professional. The profession has progressed, providing many sophisticated diagnostic tools and cutting-edge therapeutic choices. Thanks to medical knowledge and technological advances, patients no longer have to suffer from sinusitis, tonsillitis, or any other symptoms and complications connected with these diseases.

The ENT department at Manav Hospital treats all kinds of problems with the ears, nose, throat, and other head and neck parts.

ENT hospital in Ghaziabad
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